We are an ORANGE CHURCH, that is we are part of a nationwide movement of churches who believe two influences are better than one when it comes to raising our kids and raising up a new generation of children who are followers of Jesus. That’s why we THINK ORANGE and do our children’s ministry in partnership with parents. So just as red and yellow make orange, for us the RED of heart and home partnered with the YELLOW light of Christ and the Church make ORANGE.

We want to partner with families to raise kids who love Jesus and love His church. So we’ve created safe environments for kids of every age and stage from birth through 5th grade, to engage them in the big story of God and to discover their place in it.

We are a SAFE SANCTUARY Church.
All of our staff and volunteer-servants have PA Clearances.

“Church and family are both primary influences designed by God for a purpose and when they work together, they are orange. Both are systems comprised of imperfect people—that’s why God desires to use them as a platform to tell his story of restoration and redemption to the world.”

Reggie Joiner, The Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide

Nursery – Early Elementary

We have created safe environments for newborns, pre-schoolers

and children through third grade where each through music, video, storytelling and various other hands-on activities they might grown and discover

that God made them, Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend forever.

Our environments for older elementary children through grade five (5), are interactive and challenge our older children to grow in wisdom, stature, and love in their relationship with God and others …just like Jesus. (Luke 2:52)

Our various activities are geared to help these students grow and know that they need to make wise choices and Jesus will help them; that they can trust Jesus no matter what; and that they should treat others the way they’d want to be treated.

Our Children’s Ministry engages children and their parents

Sunday Mornings @ 9:15 AM

Our Sunday AM gathering is the foundation of our ministry with kids.

Small Groups, Fellowship and Events

We learn and grow better in circles where friends are made for life.

Throughout the year various events are held to build community.