We believe a disciple is a follower of Jesus that is moving beyond a profession of faith in Jesus to a life-long pursuit of living like Jesus.

Our ministry’s foremost mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus commanded his church accomplish this ministry purpose. It is our main goal. As such we have developed a ‘Path of Discipleship’ for persons to grow in their life-long relationship with Jesus. Our Path of Discipleship has many on-ramps—short-term classes, hands-on ministry opportunities, and spiritual experiences—all presented so persons can begin to learn and know and grow in their Christian faith and life.

Our Path of Discipleship includes these short-term classes

An Introduction to SUMC
A Basic Bible Survey
Teach Me to Pray
Discovering My Spiritual Gifts

There are hands-on ministry and service opportunities

Elementary School Backpack Food Ministry
Helping Hands Food Ministry

And there are extended spiritual experiences

Short-term Mission Workcamps


No one ought to do life alone. We are better together and better when we have a small, more intimate and confidential group of friends to walk with us and support and care for one another.

New Life Groups are constantly being formed. Some are formed by age and stage of life metrics while other groups meet for study or to focus on certain topics or to accomplish a specific project.


One of the expectations of every member of SUMC is using your spiritual gifts (those areas and tasks for which God has best equipped and interested you) to serve Jesus Christ and the Church. It is our expectation of every member that s/he will be involved in a ministry within SUMC and a mission beyond the walls of SUMC.


Ministry opportunities abound for you to use your spiritual gifts and fulfill your life’s purpose. The question is how can we as a church help you to use your spiritual gifts and talents best?

We encourage you to try out your spiritual gifts and talents in a range of areas—children and youth, music, worship, the arts; in technical areas or the kitchen; in offering hospitality, teaching, leading small groups, caring for seniors, and so much more.


There are many opportunities as well to serve Jesus Christ and the Church beyond our church walls, e.g. in our AWOL (A Work of Love) outreach to elderly and special needs neighbors in particular within our community helping with ‘handy-man’ projects, racking leaves, et al.

There are food and clothing ministries in the community.There are short-term mission workcamps that serve in the area, nationally and around the world through our United Methodist connection


Becoming a member of SUMC is not about privileges and benefits, it’s about responsibility and accountability—first to God, one another, and in particular toward those who aren’t here yet, that is those who don’t know Jesus.

Our Path of Discipleship leads to and provides persons with an opportunity to choose to become a member of SUMC. Will you support the ministry and mission of Jesus through SUMC through the giving of your time, talents, gifts, service and witness? This is a question asked of all our members and we take everyone’s response seriously.


Are you in need right now? Please contact us—for someone to listen, for possible assistance…
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