Jesus is Calling – February 18

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When Christians Get it Right – February 11

Dr. Ed Zeiders

2018-02-11 – Sermon

When Dealing with Gender and Homosexuality – February 4

Younger generations view homosexuality and gender identity very differently from their parents. They take the Bible seriously but also understand that it contains verses that reflect the culture and times in which the Bible was written.

2018-02-04 – Sermon

When Bad Things Happen – January 28

Rather than comforting other, our words and actions can cause additional suffering because they may be based upon false assumptions about how God is involved in the world.

2018-01-28 – Sermon

Talking about Other Faiths – January 21

Some of the way Christians talk and act can actually repel people from the faith. How can we talk about our faith in a way that causes others to say, “I want to know more about Jesus.”

2018-01-21 – Sermon

Christians, Science & Politics – January 14

Christians are perceived as closed-minded and anti-intellectual while God lovingly calls us to be open to learning and graceful in our political engagement.


When Christians are UnChristian – January 7

Christians are perceived as judgmental, hypocritical, and insensitive. How can we be the kind of church and Christians that when people encounter us they say, “you make me want to know more about Jesus.”

2018-01-07 – Sermon

Wesley Covenant Service – December 31

God asks that we give everything in response to God’s gift to us – God’s everything.

2017-12-31 – Sermon

Advent Hope Sermon Series Intro

Hope – December 24 – Advent 4 – Hope for All Creation

What world do you live in? Do you know that Jesus birth changed everything!

2017-12-24 – Sermon

Hope – December 17 – Advent 3 – Hope for Our Community

God wants all aspects of our life and relationship to be in harmony. The Kingdom of God is coming. We can work to make it real or be run over.

2017-12-17 – Sermon

Hope – December 10 – Advent 2 – Hope for Our Families

Is there hope for our families? Is the family under attack? Christ brings order, peace, and a possibility for all God loves – even our families.

2017-12-10 – Sermon

Hope – December 3 – Advent 1 – Hope for Our Hearts

Advent is a season of Hope in joyful expectation of God’s salvation. Hope is necessary for life and its power never diminished.

2017-12-03 – Sermon

Our Common Life – November 26

Our King makes possible compassionate and joyful life. MINISTRY PASSION ASSESSMENT Insert

2017-11-26 – Sermon

Our Common Life – November 13

Our life together is to be the presence of Christ in the world. This week Pastor Keith spends extra time on the healing presence of the Church . MINISTRY PASSION ASSESSMENT Insert

2017-11-12 – Sermon

Our Common Life – November 6

Everything we do as a church needs to be measured against the mission of the church as it is expressed in four historic movements of faith and shaped as God’s people live out their God-given ministry passions. MINISTRY PASSION ASSESSMENT Insert

2017-11-06 – Sermon

What do You Serve? – October 29 – All Saints Sunday

Pastor Keith addresses questions: Who is a Saint? What do Christians and pumpkins have in common? Where is my departed loved one now?  Revelations 7:9-17, 1 John 3:1-3

2017-10-29 – Sermon

How do You Serve? – October 22

How we serve flows from who we are. God created us and formed us for a life of service that gives glory to God. Isaiah 43:1-7, Ephesians 2:1-10

2017-10-22 – Sermon – How Do You Serve

Who do You Serve? – October 8 

Everything we do serves someone or something. We make a choice each day to serve the Lord and if we do not choose we still have made a choice.

2017-10-08 – Sermon – Who do you serve

Re-Creation Across All Times and Space – October 1 – Re-Creation Series week 5 – Worldwide Communion 

We just know that things are not as they should be. We know that we have not been able to fix things through politics, religion, or technology. Yet we all have a sense that if we could just work together….  Hear the Gospel, join the movement.

2017-10-01 – Sermon – 10:1:17, 9.48 AM

First Things First – September 24 – Re-Creation Series week 4

We complain about not having enough time yet we always have time for things that we feel are important. There is a reason why we are overtaxed, why we work so hard but are never fulfilled, we consume so much but are never satisfied, we put forth so much effort yet have nothing to show it. Haggai 1:1-15 – The decaying house of the Lord reflects the decaying relationship between God and the people.

2017-09-24 – Sermon

Our Daily Bread – September 17 – Re-Creation Series week 3

God has provided for our every need. So why are we in an age of anxiety where 1 in 5 American experience a mental health issue in any given year? God’s promise is that when we simplify our lives and seek first God’s Kingdom and God’s righteousness all the other parts of our lives fall into place.

2017-09-17 – Sermon

God wants to save Christians too – September 10 – Re-Creation Series week 2

The scriptures say that Christians are saved, are being saved, and will be saved. If salvation is a process what does this mean for followers of Jesus Christ?

2017-09-10 – Sermon

Re-Creation – September 3 – Re-Creation week 1

Summertime is a time of relaxation and recreation for many of us. A break from the daily grind of chores/work/school which we accept as the nature of life. We think of summer recreation as a brief diversion, but God, who makes all things new, is constantly re-creating us. God desires to save us from the chaos of daily life by reaching down and lifting us above. Before we get caught up in life’s daily madness we turn to God to shape us for life where Jesus is Lord.

2017-09-03 – Sermon

Supplication – My House Shall Be A House of Prayer – August 27 – week 4 – Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened.” Your Creator wants to know what you want. How are you going to answer that question? What does your answer say about you and your relationship with God? What if you really did get what you wanted?

2017-08-27 – Sermon

Thanksgiving – My House Shall Be A House of Prayer – August 20 – week 3 –  The scripture talks about “praying without ceasing” and “in everything give thanks.” How is this possible? A grateful heart responding to God.

2017-08-20 – Sermon

Confession – My House Shall Be A House of Prayer – August 13 – week 2 –  Using ACTS prayer helps to adjust the focus of our prayer life and our relationship with God. Confession and forgiveness is part of God’s great restoration.

2017-08-13 – Sermon

Adoration – My House Shall Be A House of Prayer – August 6 – week 1 –   Pastor Keith explores how prayer is central to our relationship with God and how the acronym ACTS can lead us to deepen our prayer life. This weeks focus is on Adoration.

2017-08-06 – Sermon

Becoming Human and Coming Home in God’s Love in Beauty and the Beast  Pastor Keith and Summer Music Theatre Cast

There are universal themes of God’s great story revealed in creation and especially in the arts. The cast shares with us “Human Again” (What would it mean for God to make each of us human…again – away from the dehumanization of this world.) “Is this Home” (how is home actually a relationship and homecoming accomplished by sacrificial love?) And of course “Be Our Guest“! We are unable to include our cast singing the songs in the message recording but you can find the songs and lyrics on Youtube or use the links above.

2017-07-30 – Sermon

Hospitality  Pastor Keith Braucher  July 23, 2017

Romans 15:1-13 We are called to radical hospitality. Find out why it may be against our nature and yet God makes all things possible.

2017-07-23 – Sermon

Relationships   Pastor Keith Braucher   July 9, 2017

Colossians 3:12-17 All relationships are difficult. Pastor Keith explores how God joins us and helps us sort out the messiness so that we neither fall into us vs. them mentality nor allow others to run our lives.

2017-07-09 – Sermon

What I Have Learned and Believe – Pastor Keith’s first Sunday message, July 2, 2017.

Sermon – July 2 2017