Youth Ministries


S.T.U.N.T.S. (Standing Together Under The Name of Our True Savior) is Stewartstown United Methodist Church’s student ministry.
It’s a youth group, a Sunday school class, and really a community of people walking together in their pursuit of Jesus.
We have three outlets for students to participate in our program September through May, High School Youth Group, Middle School Youth Group, and Combined Sunday School Class. Through the summer we meet for fun activities and go on a mission trip.
We are a mission-oriented group and believe we are called to love and serve all God’s children, especially those in need. We are always looking for new ways to serve in the community. Whether that means volunteering at the local food pantry, raising money for refugees and hungry children, feeding and clothing those who are without homes, or making relief buckets for hurricane victims. We are thankful to be able to share the love of Christ with all those around us.


First of all, STUNTS is for everyone. We believe that we’ve created a great space for everyone to seek the truth of Jesus regardless of their background, their situations, they’re struggles, or even their doubts. Having said that, we are a youth group, so only teens (6 through 12th graders) and backgrounded checked small group leaders will be in attendance.


Youth Meetings are held at Stewartstown UMC in the youth room and wherever else we decide to venture out to for fun or mission work


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