Welcome to the Learning Support Center Information Page
To support students and their families as they try to cope with the demands of remote learning during the pandemic, we have created a new program to provide a nurturing, safe, internet-equipped learning environment for children in K-8th grades.

Our Learning Support Center is set up to host several small groups of children of families burdened by area schools' reopening plans.  The SUMC philosophy is that children learn best in a safe and caring environment. The church's child-centered approach will focus on fostering curiosity, creativity, and confidence as they navigate their online classroom and work through their home school's assignments. Opportunities to make new friendships, develop new skills, and enjoy the fun of recreation will also be provided.
Groups at the Learning Center
All children will be assigned to a learning cohort (pod) of 6 or fewer in order to comply with state regulations regarding COVID-19 and social distancing.  The daily schedule will run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with options for attending the full 5 day week or fewer days per week.

When you give the staff the details of the student's course information, they will develop a plan, based on each student's needs.  They will support them in completing online coursework, homework, projects, and social activities such as art, music, and recreation.
Food and Fun
To avoid any issues regarding food allergies and meal
preferences we ask that students bring all their food from home. There will be snack breaks in the morning and the afternoon, as well as lunch midday. Children need opportunities to play and be creative, to relax a bit, and to form friendships. Therefore, we will schedule time for recreation each day and have opportunities to create
artwork, make music, or just chill with an educational movie or a good book.
Safety in the Time of COVID
Upon arrival each day students will have their temperature
taken. They will wear masks to protect each other and the
staff. Each pod will be in a separate room when doing school
work. There they can work at safe distances with caring
adults to supervise, offer technical assistance, and help them
log when it is time for synchronous learning with their regular
school teachers. As time permits, the adults may also be able
to help explain concepts covered. In the learning rooms face
shields will be provided. Students and staff will all use
recommended hygiene procedures and disinfect surfaces and
rooms as needed.
Our Staff
We will have 2 professional teachers on staff every day, assisted by a team of caring volunteers. Our volunteers have very useful skills to add, like nursing, teaching, technical support, music, science and more. Both paid staff and volunteers will be vetted through a Pennsylvania State
background check. In addition, all staff will follow the Safe Sanctuary procedures laid out by the United Methodist Church for the protection of all children in our care.

Enrolling and tuition
Because of our small group size and professional staffing, some tuition support is necessary. Students may enroll for the full 5 day week or for fewer days per week. Tuition is $25 per day per student, payable monthly, and due the last school day of the month before. (September's tuition may be paid on the first day of attendance.) There may be partial scholarship assistance for families otherwise unable to participate.

Sound good?  Enroll your child now by clicking here https://vbspro.events/p/events/9e335c
Still have some questions?  Email LearningSupport@stewartstownumc.org.